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Vote Hutz! October 26, 2006

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hutz1.jpgWHO does one trust, and why does one trust them? In a world filled with many monotonous diversions and the constant drone of the effervescent but useless speakers that surround us, it becomes difficult to truly realize how uselessly blind we have all become. Trust entails loyalty; loyalty binds us all together and produces unique conditions for humanity’s coexistence. For centuries politicians have lied to certain people (the majority) and told the honest truth to others (the minority), but that’s only a tiny part of a gargantuan problem that threatens to tear the world apart. Our politicians, for the most part, have become so dumb that their lies no longer comfort us. There is no cohesion to their stories, and as they try and sell peace and safety, the visible world is slowly crumbling into disparity. Centuries of bad leadership have created a void in world unity; whereas familial grudges and obvious differences should be left behind and forgotten once one is asked to represent their glorious nation, many ‘leaders’ have chosen to bring such differences to the Tables of Power (that are never round). Obvious gripes in the Middle East, constant panic surrounding North Korea and Iran, the European Union’s East versus West economic grudge match, and even Canada can’t seem to settle with Denmark over a 3 kilometer island in the Arctic Sea.

This is where our collective uselessness comes into play. Democracy is based on the voters, and although the population seems to complain about everything our politicians do, it is indeed the people that put these men and women into power. Let’s face it, democracy is no longer about politics and leadership, it’s about economics, but more specifically, who has the bigger wallet. Bay Street lawyers are running this country like a business, heartlessly cutting losses to preserve strength; thereafter refusing to lower the flag when Canadian soldiers are killed in defense of the democracy these idiosyncratic politicians praise, yet know so little about.


“Democracy is a device that insures we shall be governed no better than we deserve.”

George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)


George was totally right. It is our fault entirely that we’ve allowed such travesties to occur time and time again all over the world. Whining and moaning will not help bring the world together. People must step forward and push union to the forefront. Until then we will have to continue voting for the guy with the money, for the fellow that owns corporations and mini-malls; either way we’re all whoring our trust out to Hutz. But that’s alright. Hutz is thrilled we like him so much!


Today: Second Reading of the “New” Budget! October 25, 2006

Before I start, let me just say that the Leafs got pummeled tonight, my lord. That should make a few of my Ottawa friends happy. Arsenal won their Carling Cup match today, so I can’t be worried, the world still has meaning… Now for the budget.
I can’t wait to see the reactions this budget causes now that MPs staffs have had the chance to peruse Harper’s new budget in detail. Harper made several claims about this budget in his address in London Ontario on the 24th of October. Some of these included:

  • Cuts the taxes paid by Canadian individuals, families and businesses of all sizes.
  • Cuts two dollars in taxes for every dollar in new spending.
  • To deliver $20 billion in tax cuts to Canadians over the next two years.
  • 29 different taxes reduced. (We’ll see which 29)

Harper also stated that, “…there will be no capital gains tax on securities donated to charity. Which will mean a major infusion of new money to social and cultural agencies across this country.” It will be interesting to see whether this will also indicate that Harper plans to cut additional government funding from social programs…. On second thought that probably isn’t much of a question, I suppose the real question is how much he’ll cut. We’ll see….